How & Why I Coach Remotely/Worldwide

Remote/Worldwide Coaching – How & Why


woman-with-laptop-in-the-cafe-steadicam-shotMore and more, remote coaching is becoming the norm and not the exception. I don’t make decisions lightly, so when I picked this career and this way of working, I had many good reasons. :) Here are a few:


-For the client and coach, there are no visual distractions that can take away from listening purely to the message. For example, I listen for the tone of voice, a decrease in energy in the delivery, the pacing, the confidence that shines through or seems to be lacking, the strength of the words and affirmations. I listen to what is behind the words, what is said and not being said. For me, that does not require physical presence to achieve.

-Well let’s face it, working from home is a great advantage, and even a joy for me! But it also is very convenient for the client who has a tight schedule or wants to talk to me from home or work or at different locations if they are on the move. So there is no need to miss a session during travel unless desired. It is definitely easier to arrange a phone call (or Skype call) than it is to plan a meeting at a physical location.

ID-100201532Time Zone is not an issue. I can work with you wherever you are in the world. You do have to speak French or English though! :) Those are the two languages I am fluent in. I am in the Eastern Timezone, and I work every day of the week and on some evenings. Your morning might be my evening! I think this is great fun..:) I might offer you some croissants or juice while you might wish me goodnight.

-It is also cost-effective since there is no need for you to travel to me (or me to you). What freedom this gives! It makes booking more flexible. That said, I like to book 4 sessions at a time, one per week so they are planned and committed to by both client and coach.

-It might be easier for some of you to discuss sensitive issues remotely. Whether it’s because I have no connection with your workplace or because I am not sitting next to you, the fact is that some people find this way of working to be reassuring and more confidential.



Focus is required on both ends, which means no distractions such as checking emails or texts, or surfing the web. I take manual notes during sessions which make less noise than typing on a keyboard. It is important to find a time and space that will allow for privacy and will eliminate background noises and interruptions.

-The client should allow time to prepare for each session with the various tools and homework that were offered or with their own «bag of tricks». Ideally, some time would be available after each session before rejoining their «world» to allow time for integration.



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