«Caroline, you provided space for me to «be» with no pressure or judgment. You have such a loving, caring, centered, wise and joyful nature. It was such a pleasure to be able to work with you. I learned so much about myself and life and am so grateful to you for the tools and education you shared with me.

I am in the driver’s seat again, more so than I have ever known. I now see where I react, rather than respond and have gathered wisdom and tools to feel my wellbeing and aliveness. I feel like I have become an older wiser me.

I’m in a much better place mentally and emotionally than when I started the coaching sessions. I had let so many things get to me and was not living presently nor was I at my best with change. Now I feel a sense of renewal, invigoration, peace with the unknown and with my ability to choose and decide. I had been seeking coaching, studying it, practicing it on myself and others. I was having a tough time finding a coach not so steeped in tangible results.

What was most valuable to me was being heard and experiencing your wise and caring observation, your experience and learning, along with pointed homework. These gave me a way to take a deeper look at and in myself, my being, my thinking, my creating.

I am sad in a beautiful way to be ending, though I don’t quite look at this as ending. It is a combination of ending and beginning. Coaching with you has been a wonderful experience. I also know that knowing there is a coach like you in this world makes this world wonderful. I look forward to working with you again down the road one day.»

-Patricia Newman, Coach, New York, New York



«Thank you for your wonderful coaching! It has been such a great experience. I’ve learned so much! I have really accomplished a lot. I have a much better outlook on life. My sense of optimism and acceptance for where I am and who I am has increased dramatically. From the various lessons and professional guidance, I was able to put in place a foundation to tackle issues that I am faced with in a better fashion than I used to. More happened than I had originally anticipated. I feel more free and accepting of who I am and how to create circumstances for success. It has become easier to speak up and to express who I am. I found all the exercises constructive and helpful. You are amazing. I hope to stay in touch and maybe continue sessions down the road. I didn’t know what to expect coming into this, but you exceeded my expectations.»

-Joe Vargo, Attorney, Florida

photo (4)










«I’ve learned to not worry about the things I cannot control and focus on the things which are within my circle of influence. While managing my tasks, I’ve learned to slow down and be more fully aware of each moment. I now believe my goals, once just a shattered dream, can become reality because I no longer fear tomorrow but embrace it. I have learned not to sweat the small stuff. It will take care of itself. I also learned to forgive myself if I don’t get as much done as I wanted… As long as I did my best. I’ve learned I can’t do any of this alone. Interdependance is paramount. However, I can eat an elephant… One bite at a time! I have become the person who is standing higher on the ladder than I was when we began the coaching process. I have become the person who dares to climb to the top of the ladder because I don’t know that I can’t.»

-Bella Patton, Illinois









«There is such a big difference in my life at the end of our series of sessions from the beginning, that it feels like it was years ago. I became more aware of my calling, my mission, my values and I’m a more discerning participant in life. I ask myself if I am serving my purpose and if I am in alignment with my mission. Defining my mission was an all new idea in my life. I have learned to start monitoring my thoughts, and added a much needed structure in my life. No matter what difficulties happened in my life, I was helped to keep focus on my goals. I have appreciated this non-judgmental environment where I could share my struggles and was encouraged to think creatively. I received credit for my smallest achievements, which gave me wings. I have a much more positive outlook on life now.»

-Chioma Nwosu, Actress

L.A. California









«Thanks Caroline, I sure will miss your emails.  I always looked forward to receiving them.  It was great working with you.  You seem like such a nice person and I am so glad I found you.  I love what you stand for, and I think we were a good match.  I would love to sit and chat with you for hours, and take in all your wisdom.  You have taught me to move and I feel like I am starting to move, which is good…any movement is good movement. Keeping my values right in front of me has helped move me forward. I can say my eyes have been opened to see things differently. I would like to thank you. I truly appreciated the detailed emails that were sent to me. I felt like you connected with me and gave me great guidance.»

-Devon S. (Coached via Email)



«Our sessions are one of the things in my life that allowed or forced me to go through a deep reflection and decision… It’s hard to be the one to make yourself uncomfortable like a coach can by presenting things differently to allow me to look at them from that new angle. I felt supported through the process. I can say that I have become comfortable with uncertainty as a result, which was an important shift for me.»

-Lacey Gaechter, National Director of the Non Profit organisation «Trees, Water & People» treeswaterpeople.org

(Fort Collins, Colorado)


« I especially liked Caroline’s calm, confident demeanor. This comes across clearly in her energy and words. » Lisa D.


« I just wanted to pass along my admiration of your coaching. You were awesome! I enjoyed every minute. You followed your “heart” and not a script which translated into a genuine and authentic partnership. You have a very calming delivery which is an effective tool to relax the client and build trust. » John D.


“I really enjoyed hearing a very relaxed coaching approach that worked. Caroline demonstrated great listening skills and picked up on non verbal signs.” Claire C.


« I very much enjoy Caroline’s style. She has a very strong presence. » Don K.


«Caroline was calm, patient and moved at a slow and comfortable pace. I was impressed by this. She was very encouraging, supportive, and positive.»  Nila C.


« Caroline has a wonderful, calm and very professional manner. She has a beautiful reassuring presence. She is very good at demonstrating active listening skills. Well done Caroline! You have such a lovely coaching presence. You are very astute – able to make connections for the client. » Jane C.


One thought on “Testimonials

  1. Caroline is a very compassionate soul that is very empathetic. She is aware that I am dealing with Cancer and RSD pain in a chronic way. I am home bound to a certain degree excepting when I can get out with my motorized scooter/wheelchair (weather permitting). Thank goodness I don’t have to have a drivers license for it.
    Caroline is the best in my book of life.
    Trey L.

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