I offer four distinct one on one programs, but we can also discuss your individual needs and make a program tailored just for you. Wether they are tailored or not, here are more details about how I work.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact me here.


Coaching Programs:


coupleplayingbeachAllegria (3 months)

This program is well suited for people who know what they want, but lack motivation or energy to put it into motion. It gives structure to your dream, aligning it with who you are and who you want to become.

We will work on you as much as we will work on reviving your dream, concretely. Your enthusiasm will come back as the weeks pass. Obstacles will be transformed into insights and this newfound energy  will give you wings…



Moving Forward (3 months)familybeachrun

When we feel stuck, any movement is better than none. As a catalyst for change, I will help orient and motivate you towards the best action for you. Action is a magic word, but it is just as important to move forward towards what looks, feels and tastes like us.

Being stuck can be the result of paralysing doubts, lack of self-knowledge, discouragement, hopelessness, etc. The movement that will be created through the coaching process will help set you in motion, looking forward from a place of greater strength and confidence that can only unleash the best of who you are meant to be. Your best life awaits.



blackwomanhandDecisions, Decisions (3 months)

These days, we sometimes feel overwhelmed with choices to make. It can feel like there are just a little too many options to pick from, so many things we could be suited for, so many places we could live, work , studies we could pursue, changes we could make.

When we look back at important decisions we made, we might notice that it would have been a great help to have someone helping us consider them., Did we ensure that we remained aligned with our deepest values and that our decisions were chosen for the right reasons,  not out of fear?

In my book, there can’t be real mistakes made, but some decisions can take us on a long detour away from our truest mission or purpose.  We can fall off our horse, so to speak, and have to work harder at getting back on it. I wish to make your life easier.



Kickstart   (1 month)womankick

Usually, I see optimal results with my clients after three months of coaching. However, it happens that clients can only commit to one month of coaching for various reasons.

To my delight, I have seen clients make huge shifts in perspectives and leaps in growth in a small amount of time. They were then able to plant that «seed» in their newly fertilized ground and oversee it’s own growth.

I offer this for you «gardeners with a green thumb», who are looking for a spark, some seeds, or an inspirational jump start.


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