New: My Interview with Maia Williamson

When I first met Maia, almost 2 years ago now, I was struck by her smile and openness. Her face was literally an invitation to talk. When I discovered her passion for travel and volunteering, I knew that open face had to have been earned, at least partially, through human experiences, and sometimes tough ones. Imagine my delight when I learned that she now has a blog where she writes about her adventures! Because I think she can inspire many people, and because I think we all love a little bit of good food for thought and beautiful smiles in our lives, I offer you, passerby and client alike, this interview with Maia Williamson, traveler extraordinaire.

334230_10150763222995640_7191228_oExcerpt: «Volunteering has taught me how much more we are all alike than we are different. Whether you live in a hut in the African desert or the rice fields of rural Cambodia, almost everyone wants the same things in life –a decent job to support their families, an education for their children, good friendships, and the ability to feed guests until they practically blow up. :)

My experiences have also taught me how my own actions can have a ripple effect on others, so I take what I do very seriously.

(…) I think we can learn how to be truly happy and prioritize when we see how the other half lives. I’ve been in so many communities where people have nothing by our standards. However, I’ve never met happier, more contented people in my life.»

Follow this link for the full interview.

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