What is your Purpose?

CanoeatsunsetDon’t we all wish for a deeper meaning in our lives? Something to make us feel useful and aligned with our mission, our life purpose, with the reason why we came here? We lose sight of our personal purpose through trying to live someone else’s dream, or what we think would make us happy, what we think we want. Maybe we think our purpose has to be grandiose or unique, special. Or maybe we think it is a special someone or a specific career.

What I have found is that our purpose or mission flows out of our being, of who we are. As I often say, we are the vessel from which all else flows. So how could our search for our life purpose not include and actually consist of a reflection about who we are, a redefinition, if necessary, of who we have become. A journey into our Self. With this question, we are given an inner sense, an intuition that something is amiss, as the first part of a process towards unexpected improvement.

When someone asks «What is my purpose?», it implies that there is a lack, something missing in their actual life now, something that they are unhappy with. What if your life purpose includes exactly the situation you are in now? What if going through that event, tragedy, difficulty or challenge carried it’s own answer along the way or at the end, like a reward, a treasure? What if embracing this phase, and even celebrating it, savoring it as it is without judgements towards yourself, but complete surrendering of resistance was your unique path?

When I have faced difficulties, I have wondered if that meant that I was on the right path. Maybe I had lost myself along the ID-10075418way? But what I have found as I emerged from challenges that I thought were going to swallow me whole, is that those challenges actually made me a better human being, a deeper thinker, a better listener – well, I guess a better me. How could I have been on the wrong path then? People pay therapists to get such results! I just had to live my life as it is, and embrace it’s bumps on the road as the path that was mine. Celebrating my life in every aspect! Loving it as if I had chosen every aspect! Sometimes, the things that we think are bad are the best things for us.

If there is such a thing as drifting away from our path, I would say that it is by not being true to our Self that it would happen. Did you compromise who you are? If so, I suppose that is your path to getting closer to your Self: by feeling the painful distance from who you are, from your actions and from your life which reflect this state of disconnect. We feel it when we betray ourselves, sometimes it is the throat, when it tightens, or it is our sweaty hands, our rapid heartbeat. Perhaps it is simply our drained energy.

What you can control is what you put into it, the truth as you see it. What you can’t control is the rest: the outcome, the result. Hard to not be attached to how things turn out hmm? If you could though, I suspect your life would take a whole new turn. :)



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