What are you certain about?

NewbornOne thing I know for sure, and there are not many, is that the more you think you know, the less you know, and the more you do know, the more you realize you don’t know much.

Have you ever met people who were very sure of their «fact» and declared it «truth» and you thought it was not something true for you? Or at all? This can happen about the most mundane things, but it can happen about the deepest issues we face in life. Religion is a great example of this.

Even with science and the best thinkers and philosophers and specialists, we still do not know everything, and the most important things are still obscure to us. Where DO we come from? What ARE we doing here?

Sometimes we find a personal answer that seems to address those questions and we feel at peace. Sometimes we then judge others for not having found the same answer than we did, the one we so identify with and wish others would validate.

If you are lucky, you live in a free country, where you can explore all sorts of approaches without being punished. And if you are even luckier, you also realize that other people’s explorations are just as valid as yours and debating along the way of your exploration about who possesses The Truth might just be part of your road to it, or it might also be a hindrance if you get stuck there.

Whatever you think you know for sure now might be something you come to not believe in anymore. In the exploration of Life, of ourselves and of others, we encounter various styles of living, various ways of expressing ourselves in the world, and various belief systems and values. Positioning ourselves amidst all this can require trial and error. Exploring is what we all do here, and we do not have to compare.

What I find is that the more we explore, the more we realize that there is very little we can know for sure. That the things we are convinced about often can’t be proven, but we feel that they are the truest things for us.

I invite you to let go of your certainties just for today, see how you feel to be open to the world like a newborn, to look at things anew, with an open mind and heart. See if maybe there are some things that you could add or subtract to or from your list of beliefs and values. You can reinvent yourself powerfully by remaining malleable like clay. You can be free of your past decisions about your choices, beliefs and actions. You can begin again and be you, the new you that you want to be. Who do you want to become? What does that person believe in? What does that person think? Let these questions guide you to the new you that you already are.


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