New Sharing: My interview with writer Julie Gray

Julie GrayI offer you my all new interview with writer Julie Gray as part of the Inspirational Sharings Series. Thanks to her unique experience and point of view, Julie offers great food for thought about topics ranging from pre-conceived ideas about other cultures to how our surroundings affect who we are and become, and what might be blocking us to «take the leap» towards our dream. She even has a few tips for writers. A blogger on the Huffington Post,  Julie is a story consultant who works with screenwriters and novelists. Her blog, Just Effing Entertain Me is one of the most widely read screenwriting blogs worldwide. Julie lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, where she is hard at work writing her memoir, Eat Pray Kvetch. I have been following her story for the last few years while keeping contact with her. She is one of those inspiring people that you are so glad exists. Her writing is compeling, witty and funny. This pure delight of a woman underwent a «seismic» transformation that we can learn a lot from and get inspired by. And who knows, maybe your own transformation is just around the corner!


Here are some excerpts:


«We truly are all one, even if our window dressing looks so different. We all want love, peace, joy and a good dinner at the end of the day. We are really not so different at all. Living abroad teaches you both how deeply you have been immersed in and affected by the cultural programming of where you are from and how underneath that, humans are pretty much humans. It gives you the opportunity to change your programming on the exterior – and then by dint of that, in your interior as well.» 

«I think that we get very, very comfortable in our lives and very few people willingly step out of that to experience uncertainty and the unknown. I mean, that’s terrifying, right?  I always had the sense that life is terribly short – a dream, really. And we have this one life and this relatively small blue marble of a planet that we are on – why wouldn’t you want to roam and taste and see and experience as much of it as you can? Even if you are not a globetrotter, even if you like to stay more rooted, why not go big and, you know, go for that dream job or write that book or run for student body president? Your only limitation is your capacity to not only imagine new heights for yourself but to step out on the ledge and go for it. One of my favorite quotes is by Anaïs Nin: «And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.» When not only seeing but living your possibilities is an imperative for your soul, you just do it, don’t you? There is no other choice. For me there wasn’t.»


Click here for the full interview.




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