New Sharing: My interview with fitness trainer: Ania

Happy New Year Everyone!


Did you make a list of resolutions this year? Is one of them perhaps about increasing exercise or losing weight?


Ania ZalewskiI recently spent time in Florida where I hired Ania, a fitness trainer, to show me some new moves to increase the difficulty level of my training routine. I was immediately taken by her elf-like presence, poise and high energy. Not to mention her beauty! We had interesting chats between sessions and I could tell that her experience and knowledge would inspire many. We often hear the expression «listening to our bodies» or «getting into our bodies», but so many of us have become numb or cut-off from our body’s cues leading to various conditions such as obesity. Exercise can certainly help us reconnect with it. I have had clients who felt stuck in their lives and were greatly helped by physical activity. Putting themselves in motion seemed to have re-created movement in their lives and made them more embodied. During this time of year when a lot of you make the resolution to lose weight, to exercise more, or both, here are some tips and inspiration to help you stay motivated.


Ania had been dancing for years when her knee problems led her to see a doctor: «The doctor suggested I work out with weights and build the muscles I had to be even stronger. So I did, and I fell in love with it. I felt better and couldn’t believe that was just from weight training.»


Her love for movement and exercise is contagious!  If you want what she’s having (like I did) I suggest you continue reading!




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