New Sharing: My interview with Grace

I meet many inspiring people in my work as a Coach, and I am sure you do as well in your life. But only on rare occasions do we get to truly hear the more detailed story of how they overcame barriers, especially those within, and how they accomplished themselves. I wanted to offer this platform for others to speak because I want to illuminate the genius that I see in everyone, and I know that when we recognize ourselves in others and we see that those we identify with have succeeded, it plants a seed in our minds that maybe we can too. And I wish to tell you that you are right.


This time, I offer you another interview with a lovely wise lady aptly named Grace.

I recently met her in her home in the mountains after being impressed by the serenity that emanates from her in this video In person, I could tell she would have a lot to offer in terms of insights and that her rich life experience would translate inspiringly.


Grace is a cancer survivor, a writer, a healer, a gorgeous woman with a love as pure as the whiteness of her hair. As always, my goal with these interviews is to share and gather each other’s wisdom and growth, joys and challenges, and possibly find some helpful thought or idea here and there. Of that, you will find plenty in her words.




Here is a sample:

«We have impulses to do or create things, and when we act accordingly, life either cooperates with us, or it doesn’t. We don’t have control over the outcome of this unfolding, ever. When we are willing to embrace what unfolds (and this may include our own emotional reaction to what shows up), we are at peace. Always. When we resist, peace is lost – until we surrender and embrace what we resisted, including our own resistance! »


Click here for the full interview, or drag your mouse over the Sharings tab.

Happy reading!



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