All new sharing: My interview with singer-songwriter Kate Rusby!

Hailing from Sheffield, Yorkshire, Kate  has been enchanting audiences in the UK with her self-declared “folk acoustic” music for years. Having recently become mother to another little girl, Kate will be on tour this August. With many studio albums under her belt, a Mercury Prize nomination and 4 BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, Kate has certainly been busy. I was curious to know more about this woman with an amazing soothing voice, delicate face and steady creativity! What are her fears? Does she feel confident? Does she feel accomplished?


«You learn to strike things and indeed people, out of your life that cause you nothing but grief, you just don’t have to carry all the rubbish that you might have when you were younger.» Kate Rusby


Her engaging and down to earth personality inspire me and I was most delighted when she accepted to talk with me. I have been coaching people in the entertainment industry for a while now and I wanted to offer Kate’s interesting and successful perspective as a source of insight. She exemplifies someone who has realized her creative impulse on her own terms, without commercial compromise, egotism, or losing the ability to cope with her daily life affairs. Isn’t that what’s behind most of our endeavours?


Click here for the complete interview.

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