Everyone has a story, a life story which represents their past experiences, good or bad or even traumatic, life transforming heart wrenching memories, etc. And for most of us, this is a major part of what we have been, what we are and the explanation of who we have become. We are the result of the events that we have encountered, and of how we have met them. Some people call this «emotional baggage» in some contexts, and as any traveler knows, baggage can get quite heavy, hurt the back, and the wallet when you have to pay extra for it to get on the airplane if it’s oversized. And so, because I care about your back, among other things, I want to propose that you use the energy and rebirth movement that Spring unveils to do an inner Spring cleaning and rebirth of your own.

It might be time to reevaluate the need to hold on to an image or impression of who you are th at is no longer up to date, or it might be time to let go of the person that others think you are or want you to be, and instead cultivate and deeply get to know who you are now, as opposed to what you do.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could reinvent yourself and start anew? You are no longer asked to be a victim of abuse, and act like one, and you are no longer someone begging for a role in a movie, you are no longer the child of an alcoholic, or of an immature mother who doesn’t quite know how to be maternal with you. Instead, you are this whole Being, free from any outside influence that it does not choose and accept, you are your own Creation, your own goal and dream, and do not have to fit in anyone’s mold. You are free. The birds know this naturally. Let them remind you. You are deeply important on this Earth, in your uniqueness and in your beauty. There is no need for competition, no one else could ever be you. You can go out in the world confidently and with enthusiasm, knowing that you cannot fail, if your goal is to be the best You that you can possibly be, and with the same freedom of reinvention that Spring carries with it every year.

Doesn’t that sound exciting? :) What would you do, who would you be, if you knew you would not fail, and not be judged?



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