Such an important, and sometimes key element of our growth lies in the ability to acknowledge ourselves for what we have done, for what we have accomplished in the day, the baby steps or the efforts that we often take for granted. My clients often mention that one of the major impacts on them during our sessions was to have been acknowledged.

When aiming at a goal and working hard to reach it, it is too easy to overlook the beautiful and wonderful things that we are indeed reaching every day. It is the sum of all these little victories that ultimately get you to your goal. By acknowledging yourself, and if you are lucky, having someone near you do so along the way, you can take conscious note of the beauty that lives in you and is expressed. You can rejoice in it, as you are completely entitled to. In fact, I think that the world would be a totally different place if we started to honestly acknowledge each other. Companies would become more harmonious because the sum of their parts would be more harmonious within themselves and with each other.

What could you acknowledge yourself for today? I encourage you to find three things that you have been doing well lately. Maybe it’s the fact that you were able to keep your calm at an audition and not feel rejected when they didn’t choose you, or maybe it’s that you were truly yourself in a situation that usually brings you to put on a mask? Or maybe it’s that you got up this morning, and chose to see beauty around you despite your difficult circumstances.

If you could make self-acknowledgement a daily habit, I bet you would not recognize yourself because acknowledgement is an integral part of « how to » enjoy the process. The process of living, of reaching a goal, of being a Mother, of working, etc.

Happy Easter Everyone!



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