It’s your turn! :)

Hi Everyone!

I just added an all new page! It is called “Sharings” because it is where I will regularly post sharings from people who overcame obstacles, who reached their goal(s) or realized their dream(s) to give you some tips and tell you how they dealt with their difficulties. I meet many inspiring people in my work as a Coach, and I am sure you do as well in your life. But only on rare occasions do we get to truly hear the more detailed story of how they overcame barriers, especially those within, and how they accomplished themselves. I wanted to offer this platform for others to speak because I want to illuminate the genius that I see in everyone, and I know that when we recognize ourselves in others and we see that those we identify with have succeeded, it plants a seed in our minds that maybe we can too. And I wish to tell you that you are right.

Today, Karen Coleman, a wonderful singer from Ireland, shares how she came out of a very dark place and into the light. You can hear her sing here :

Simply click here.
Or click at the top of the page on “Sharings”.
I hope you’ll enjoy these sharings as much as I do!
If you want to contribute your own sharing, send me an email at I’ll be happy to read you! :)

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