Vista Point (or your dream goal)

I recently dreamed that I was waiting in a long line of people, to get to a vista point, where the most gorgeous view could be seen (of the Grand Canyon, no less). The line was many miles long, and was moving veeery slooowly. On my left, I could see a deep and gorgeous canyon. The light was magical and the colors were crisp and alive. It was breathtaking! I then noticed that the long line was following that canyon all the way to the vista point. So, all these people were waiting, bored, right beside that gorgeous view, staring at their feet, not noticing the beauty in their midsts. Some people were getting angry or irritated ; some were trying to pass in front of others. So I decided to fly above them (still dreaming here!) to see if the vista point was worth all this waiting, anger and frustration. When I arrived, I was stunned to see that the vista point was a view of e-x-a-c-t-l-y the same canyon. The only difference was a fence to keep people from trespassing (or falling, depending on your point of view). Yet, the people at the vista point were taking pictures, happy and animated. Finally, they had arrived at their destination.

I woke up at that point, startled. I could see so many parallels to life issues, to my client’s issues and my own. Have you ever had a goal that you worked hard to achieve, made sacrifices to reach, and once you got there, after celebrating your ‘success’, you realized it wasn’t worth all the things you ‘had’ to do to get there? Whether it be pushing aside a principle of yours, or hurting someone’s feelings on your way ‘up’, or maybe it’s that overtime that kept you from what you value most? It took you YEARS to reach your goal, to finally realize that what you were looking for was present, by you, all along? I have heard my share of older people tell me countless stories just like this.

One might wonder how this is possible. We are an intelligent species, aren’t we?

How is it possible that we can overlook the loveliest canyon right next to us? How is it possible that we do not enjoy the ‘ride’ to our destination? What destination would be worth this sacrifice? Which of your values or principles are you willing to sacrifice for your dream? Isn’t the « ride » what it is all about?

Are you waiting to get ‘somewhere’ before you will be happy? Are you waiting in line but feel you have not really consciously selected it? Perhaps you chose it automatically, having seen many others in the same line, all seeming to know that it was a sensible place to be?

Who do you want to be in this life? What would you like people to say about you at your funeral? Aren’t those answers revealing about your true goals?

Have a happy weekend! :)



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