“You is kind.”

“You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”
– Aibileen Clark (The Help)

I recently watched the movie « The Help », and this phrase by Aibileen, a black maid taking care of a white little girl, resonated deeply with me.  When the little girl was facing difficulties, Aibileen would kneel down in front of her, hold her by the shoulders, and make her repeat those words : « You is kind. You is smart. You is important. ». I can only imagine if we all had an Aibileen by us when we were young, reminding us of these things at key moments, how different our lives could be !

I believe any lasting change or shift in our lives needs this ingredient, an inner voice, (or inner Aibileen, if you prefer) to remind us of our kindness, wisdom and uniqueness. It is too easy to forget it when faced with a challenge or difficulty, yet we have the power in us, through our inner dialogue, to change this.

I invite you to think about what you tell yourself on a daily basis. What are your thoughts about yourself ? About your life ? What are your beliefs ?

You might be sad at first to see that your life reflects those beliefs and those thoughts. Don’t be. You can improve your inner voice, and therefore, change your life. It is as easy as repeating an inspiring or encourating quote or theme to yourself, writing it in various places. If you involve yourself totally in the vision of yourself that the theme or quote creates within you, and if you repeat this regularly, you can expect to see changes around you, but mostly, in you. Think of it as being kind to yourself, the same kindness or compassion you would have for a child, or a friend. Don’t you deserve it too?

I believe that we are the vessel from which all else flows, and that by working on the vessel, by improving it’s structure and strength. it’s fluidity and openess, we create the same around us.



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