A Change Will Do You Good

Most of us are afraid of change. Many will stay in an unsatisfying job because that feels less threatening than the « unknown » which the change carries or implies. Some stay in toxic relationships, or in a city that does not fit with them.

It does seem hard to change a situation when you think of the distance between the present situation and the desired outcome. How can you get there, exactly? Is there a book about that? How do I get a better relationship? A job that fulfills me? How do I accomplish myself in this precious life that I was given?

What if I asked you : « What is in your way exactly? » And what if I told you that by removing the obstacles in the way of your best life approaching you, things would flow to you naturally? Doesn’t it seem easier than fighting to « get there »?

This is beyond changing, it is evolving. If we were to explore for a minute, just in case there could be something there : What about you or in you keeps this best life from happening? Can you be more precise? Is it only your fear, or is it your lack of confidence as well? Is it a reflex in you to think that things are hard to get? That good men are all married? That the job you would really love is out of reach? Is it normal for you to suffer for what you have?

If you bumped into the perfect opportunity for you in the next 5 minutes, (be it the perfect man, job, solution, etc), how would you receive it? How would you react? Would you wonder if you are good enough for the situation, the man, the job? Would your doubts cloud your enthusiasm?

Can you predict by thinking of this, how the rest would unfold?

How could you then change this way of being? Do you have a hard time receiving? Why do you lack confidence? How long are you willing to let your obstacles dictate your life events?

Your inner life and outer life are one.

You are the vessel from which all else flows.

Let it flow, let it flow, let it flow!

Happy Holidays!



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